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You’ll be met at the Chiang Mai Airport as your flight arrives, or collected from your hotel if already staying in Chiang Mai.

Then you’ll be whisked away to slip into relaxation mode with a one hour Flight Recovery Session.  Relax as a Thai massage or reflexology treatment soothes away the stress of flying.


After a refreshing drink our driver will deliver you to our secluded Traditional Thai Villa Hideaway. You’ll arrive feeling rested and rejuvenated. Catherine will meet you before you check you into your room where your special welcome gift waits.  Settle in, kick off your shoes, freshen up and turn off your phone. We then gather in the dining area for a delicious lunch prepared by our private chef and her team.

Join together in our beautiful welcoming ceremony to connect with the whole group. Using guided visualization, we’ll set intentions and focus words for our time together as we begin our process of diving in deep.

This comes your free time!  Rest, relax, meditate, swim in the pool, explore the local area, sleep, or head out with our driver or by bicycle to explore


One of the highlights of Chiang Mai is the Night Markets. So we head downtown to discover local treasures and delightful handicrafts at the Saturday Night Walking Market in “Silversmith’s Street”.

Share our first evening meal and enjoy Thai flavours with a delicious 2-course dinner at a lively riverbank restaurant.  [Drinks are available but not included.]

You could use the quiet time at the end of the day to start journaling using your beautiful gift journal. But, we do encourage you to go to bed nice and early tonight as we begin bright and early tomorrow with a special activity.





Today we begin our workshop journey through the Gateways of Limitation to Soul Empowered Wellness. But we take it at a relaxed pace to let you totally disconnect from your busy life and step into this relaxed life.

After breakfast prepared by our chef and her team we take a silent mindfulness walk through the vibrant buzzing forest. Gain the health giving benefits as you awaken during a guided visualization beside a magnificent waterfall. Take a dip in the crystal clear waters of the mountain stream in the pool under the waterfall.

We return to our villa for the Revitalise Your Body Workshop. With this first workshop dip into some fun activities around a healthy body before going deeper to face the challenge of the First Gateway of Limitation – the East Gate of Fear and Courage.


Relax between workshops with lunch on the terrace and perhaps a quick dip in the pool.

Take a breath and plunge into the second workshop. Examine how you sabotage your desire to create the magnificent life you desire. Prepare to pass through the Second Gateway To Soul Empowered Wellness – the South Gate of Frustration and Authentic Power.

After an intense day it’s time to restore, review your insights and begin the process of renewal. Take time alone to journal or meditate on anything that has emerged from the sessions today.  Or simply lounge by the pool with a good book, chat to new like-minded friends, take a nap, or borrow a bicycle to explore the local area.


Enjoy dinner prepared by our chef and team, followed by…..

Shhh!  This one’s a secret – we love surprises





Rise with the sun for an early yoga class, followed by a relaxing breakfast on the terrace

The PowerUp! Your Mind Workshop kicks off our growth today.

Clarity – confusion; which is ruling your mind? After breakfast dive into the questions posed at the Third Gateway to Soul Empowered Wellness as you reach the West Gateway of Confusion And Clarity.


Share lunch at our villa before you enjoy free time. Remain at our villa and relax in the pool, journal, read, or sleep. Or head out to explore the vibrant Old City, visit the handicraft villages, wander the arts precinct, or take a trip out to visit the Queen’s Gardens.


Are you a Thai Masterchef? Surrounded by beautiful organic eco farm gardens you’ll experience first hand the culinary skills, arts and culture of Thailand as you prepare a selection of Thai favourites. Enjoy cooking and eating delicious Thai dishes in a relaxing, refreshing and hygienic environment.





Breakfast prepared by our private chef will have you ready to face the final Gateway Of Limitation in the PowerUp Your Spirit Workshop.

Transmute soul fatigue into zest for life as you pass through the North Gateway Of the Soul Warrior on your journey to Soul Empowered Wellness. Discover practices to ground your initiation.


Relax during free time after lunch at the villa before we head downtown for a special martial arts class.

Qigong is an excellent practice for bringing health, peace, balance and vitality into your life. It consists of very simple exercises and meditations to increase energy levels in your body. Chi Kung / Qi Gong health benefits are well renowned and it’s practice aids in the stimulation and circulation of chi (energy life force) as well as strengthening and toning muscles and tendons.


Back to the villa for a local dinner prepared by our chef.

In the evening unleash your inner creative to ground your breakthroughs in a fun art workshop




Today we get out and about, mixing with the locals as we learn more about their life


After breakfast we drive to a local icon, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. Overlooking the city from its mountain throne, it is one of northern Thailand’s most sacred temples, drawing pilgrims from across the nation.


As we leave the temple we drive further into the national park to a hill tribe village of the Hmong people.  Discover how the hill tribe people live as you wander through their village. No doubt you’ll be offered local handicrafts to purchase!  Enjoy a home made lunch of fresh local dishes in the home of one village family.

After leaving the Hill Tribe Village we head to one of the downtown Buddhist temples where you will have the opportunity to chat with the monks. Learn about their life, the Thai people, or Buddhism.

We then luxuriate at Chiang Mai’s most exclusive and tranquil heart-centred spa. You’ll feel refreshed, rejuvenated and glowing after your choice of extended treatment (from a selection) including massage, steam, scrub or more which can be varied to your taste and needs.

You’ll also have the chance to shop in their boutique shop for skin care and other delicious items.

After stopping downtown for afternoon tea we head back to our villa.


Make the most of your relaxed state and enjoy free time before we share a Celebration Dinner. After the dinner we will join in Circle to initiate the first step for a three day New Moon Ritual. You will complete this after the Retreat is over.





Start your final day with an early morning yoga session before breakfast on the patio.

Use free time after breakfast to organise and prepare to leave, take a final swim, journal or relax

Join together one last time in circle for a gentle, nurturing and soul empowering  Retreat Closing Ceremony.

Following check out our driver will transport you to the airport or y Save & Exit our new hotel. Please note: If you are flying out late in the day you can hire a locker at the airport for your luggage while you spend the afternoon shopping or sightseeing.

wise woman awaken retreat

—————— LOCATION ——————

Chiang Mai

—————— DATES ——————

Saturday 18th August – Thursday 23rd August 2018

—————— FEE ——————

Price $4297  AUD

limited offer for 7 lucky midlife women


**A deposit of $400 will lock in your place and we can set a payment plan to suit you.
All payments must be completed by July 22nd 2018.**

Read our Payment & Cancellation Policy before clicking RESERVE.