The Food

Thai food is amazingly delicious
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Thai food is amazing and absolutely delicious. 

It includes plenty of scrumptious choices for both vegetarians and meat-eaters. 

While Thai food is generally spicy, don’t despair if you don’t like chili as there are many milder dishes and others can be modified to your taste. Northern Thai, or Lanna culture has it’s own distinct flavour and specialities. But the full range of Thai favourites are served.

Thai cuisine relies on the subtle blending of salt, spice, sweet and sour to create a balanced and delicious flavour. It uses a wide variety of fresh ingredients sourced from the local countryside.


If you don’t, or can’t eat certain foods, no problem. We want you to be healthy so we will accommodate your preferences.

If you have an allergy or serious reaction please be sure to mention this on your intake form.  


We’ll share most meals in the relaxed comfort of our beautiful villa, but occasionally we’ll sample the excellent fare at restaurants in the Old City.

Our private chef and her team will tantalise your taste buds with both Thai favourites and new flavours.  She can even make some western dishes if you feel a little homesick.

Plus, we have the villa kitchen at our disposal when we want to prepare our own extra snacks and drinks.