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Many Vietnamese speak English, especially in areas frequented by tourists. The Vietnamese people are very interested in others and often initiate conversations. Many learn English at school and eager to practise. Many Vietnamese have a wry sense of humour and are easily amused by the humour in any situation or conversation.  They love to share a joke so don’t always take what they say too seriously!

Even when they don’t speak English most enjoy communicating in any way possible, whether that’s with hand gestures or drawings.

You’ll certainly have no problems communicating with the locals.



Vietnam is more conservative in their dress than in the western world. On the whole there are few restrictions on tourists but it is respectful to the Vietnamese people to dress with consideration. When visiting temples, pagodas, other places of worship or ‘sacred sites’ dress code is clear and strict – no shorts, sleeveless tops or short dresses.  

It is expected that you will remove your shoes on entering a building. Slip-on footwear is easy to manage if you are moving in and out of many different places.



All meals on the retreat are included and will introduce you to the diversity of eating in modern-day Vietnam. From street food vendors, through Bia-Hoi munchies “Vietnam style”, local delicacies, succulent seafood, fresh organic salads, bbq, and so much more, you’ll get to try it all. The Vietnamese love their food and pour their heart into preparations that tantalize your taste buds. You can be sure all meals will be delicious.

Meals normally contain a number of dishes. They include lots of variety of seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes, and we can cater for your dietary needs.



You will receive a full list of what you need to have with you for the Retreat along with recommendations regarding clothing and equipment well before departure to give you plenty of time to get organised. 



We are visiting three very different climates on our retreat. March is early Spring and as the country emerges from winter the weather can be quite spring-like and variable.

Hoi An:

In March Hoi An is already warming up.  Temperatures hover around the mid-20ºC, ranging from 21° to 30°C. Evenings are warm with temperatures in the low 20º’s.

It is very rare to get rain in March.


March is when Hanoi weather is at its best. The average temperature in Hanoi at this time is 23-24ºC. At night it drops to 17ºC. Humidity has not yet begun to rise. Rainy days do sometimes occur but without the drizzle of February.

Ha Long Bay:

Temperatures on Ha Long Bay during March are in the low to mid 20ºsC. Night temperatures are about 18ºC. However, this is a sea environment and the air can be damp and the temperatures can vary from hot to cool enough to need a jacket.

Mornings and nights are often misty.

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Sunday 10th March – Wednesday 20th March

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$3997 AUD

Limited Places

**A deposit of $400 will lock in your place and we can set a payment plan to suit you.
All payments must be completed by 28th February 2019**

Read our Payment & Cancellation Policy before clicking RESERVE.