How We’re Different
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Are you ready?


This is the retreat you need to break apart limitation and manifest the life of

passion and purpose you desire

Join us in beautiful Chiang Mai to share this adventure of discovery and

empowerment with a small select group of women seeking mastery


Create Spiritual Wholeness for greater wellness on all levels. 

Live more fully and authentically in heart alignment with higher wisdom, clarity and courage

Break apart limitations and open the way for growth and inspired insight

On the Wise Woman Awaken Retreat we’ll guide and support your Divine Heroine’s Journey to clarity, strength, harmony and balance

Clear and rebalance all four levels of your Pillars Of Wellness – body, emotions, mind and spirit –

so you don’t slide back into old habits

Move forward and out of the limitations holding you back  as you shift into your authentic power



    How does this look?


    • VIP treatment – private secluded traditional riverside villa
    • Private chef to create delicious meals from fresh natural local ingredients. It won’t be vegan – unless that’s what you prefer!
    • Private room is standard so you’ll have real downtime.
    • Our driver can take you into Chiang Mai or surrounding countryside for shopping or sightseeing during Free Time
    • As one of a small select group of conscious, curious, and self-directed women you’ll delve deep to engage with your purpose and inner wisdom.
    • You’ll make deep personal supportive connections with new friends
    • Activities to support your journey into wellness through wholeness
    • Powerful Soul Empowered Coaching sessions will catalyse your transformation
    • You’ll learn practices to help you change limiting habits, relax deeply, sleep better, eat well, honour your needs, say ‘No’ and more
    • You will discover how wellness is entwined with spiritual wholeness
    • We take time to laugh, relax, and soak up the amazing ancient Lanna culture of Northern Thailand

    The Benefits… What Do You Gain?


    • A new mindset with deeper wisdom, insight and understanding
    • Freedom and lightness from releasing limitation and fear
    • New practices to support your wellness on all levels 
    • A recognition of the subconscious stories and beliefs that have shaped your beliefs and life habits
    • A new appreciation and honouring of your worth
    • Time to breathe, regroup and renew
    • Connections with other soul conscious women ready to manifest an authentic life of passion and purpose
    • Workshops, classes, discussion and activities to inspire, uplift, energise and empower you   
    • Real support to help you make sustainable change
    • Fun, food, relaxation and new outlook


    wise woman awaken retreat

    —————— LOCATION ——————

    Chiang Mai

    —————— DATES ——————

    Saturday 18th August – Thursday 23rd August 2018

    —————— FEE ——————

    Price $4297 AUD

    limited offer for 7 lucky women

    **A deposit of $400 will lock in your place and we can set a payment plan to suit you.
    All payments must be completed by July 22nd 2018**