The Indochine Queen Retreat is for heart and soul focused women seeking a vacation that’s also a journey into a deeper connection to themselves, others and the world. They want to return home changed in many intangible ways, with clarity, focus and new understandings to weave into their life.


Hoi An lies forty-five minutes drive from Da Nang. Regular flights leave Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and Hanoi for Da Nang throughout the day. A private car will meet you at Da Nang Airport and take you to our Hoi An Resort.  

Please note when you book your flight that while you first arrive at Da Nang, the retreat finishes in Hanoi. You will need to adjust your flight accordingly. Please schedule flights that arrive in Da Nang before 10.30am on Saturday 2nd November 2019 in order to be checked in on time. 

You do not need to book a flight from Da Nang to Hanoi as it is included in the retreat price and booked for you.

If you prefer more time to relax and refresh after your flight from overseas we recommend you arrive one day earlier. Lots of local accommodation is available from simple clean Homestays to 5 star luxury. 

Please email us to confirm once you’ve booked your flight.


Rooms are a generous size and private with ensuite. Shared rooms are available at reduced cost. Cabins on the boat on Halong Bay are smaller than in the resort and hotel, and are also private. Please contact us if you’d like a shared cabin.  


The program has been carefully created to provide a well balanced and varied experience and we encourage you to throw yourself into everything. Being on retreat is a wonderful opportunity to experience things you may never try on your own and to discover new aspects of yourself. Group cohesion strengthens when everyone takes part.

But all activities are optional. If you really don’t want to take part you don’t have to. That being said, you have invested a lot to attend this retreat – in yourself, your family, financially, making time out – and you owe it to yourself to take away as much as possible from the experience. 

We have scheduled plenty of Free Time into the program, including one complete day, which you can use any way you wish – to rest, shop, sightsee, journal, read, relax by the pool or the beach, explore the local area by bicycle, or simply discover more about this vibrant culture.


The Vietnamese love food and put much effort into creating fresh, tasty dishes to cater for a wide range of tastes. All meals contain a range of dishes and can be varied to suit tastes and any dietary restrictions. You will be able to provide details of these on your intake form.

Seafood is very popular in this country with extensive coastlines and many waterways. However, if you hate fish or shellfish, don’t despair! There are many different tastes available from the common chicken, beef and pork options, through vegetarian, to exotic offerings. Vegetarian choices are found on every menu. Gluten free options are appearing as the country adapts to western dietary needs.

Hoi An’s food offers much choice. The specialty is Cao Lau, a pork, noodle and greens dish. Many Hoi An restaurants are supplied with fresh produce from the local organic farming village.

Food in Hanoi is not as spicy as in the southern regions of the country, relying on subtle blends of flavours and textures. It is greatly influenced by French cuisine which results in a curious mix of the two styles. You can be sure to find crusty bread, pastries and excellent coffee through Vietnam, thanks to the French influence. Hanoi is the home of pho (breakfast soup) and not to be missed.

Out on Halong Bay it makes sense to avail ourselves of the fresh fish. Catering is provided by the boat and includes a range of varied dishes, not all seafood.

As influences from outside Vietnam grow many new foods from other cultures have become available, such as pizza, burgers, Italian, Japanese, just in case you crave a taste of home.


We have scheduled plenty of Free Time into the program which you can use any way you wish – to rest, shop, sightsee, journal, read, relax by the pool or the beach, explore the local area by bicycle, or simply discover more about this vibrant culture. You are not required to stay at the hotel during this time, although you are very welcome to stay to relax and make use of the hotel’s facilities.

indochine queen retreat

Saturday 2nd November – Sunday 10th November 2019