About Us

I’m Catherine Bullard, Natural Health Practitioner, Awareness Coach, Wholistic Wellness Educator.

I guide women through midlife transitions to wellness and help them access their higher wisdom, clarity and courage

Custom Wellness Experiences

My role is to help women create a stronger playground for more intuitive growth and fun by reclaiming the wisdom and wellness of their physical body

With a grounded no-bullshit approach I support and guide them to create better health, deeper relationships, greater prosperity, career advancement and refined spiritual engagement. Using a unique and multi-faceted approach I stimulate their self-healing, develop awareness, co-create a soul-empowered wellness plan, and nurture their intuitive abilities to powerfully catalyse growth on all levels – body, emotions, mind and spirit. 

Building Memories

Catherine Bullard guides women through the transitions of midlife to greater wellness on all levels – body, emotions, mind and spirit, with a unique blend of Natural Therapy, Awareness Coaching and Wholistic Lifestyle advice.

She supports and guides their self-healing, to powerfully catalyse a shift to better health, deeper relationships, greater prosperity, career advancement and refined spiritual engagement.  

During retreats Catherine loves to gently challenge them to discover their gifts of courage, creativity, curiosity, insight and ultimately, joy. She loves the deeper insights, clarity and vision reached by women when they are held, nurtured and challenged within the energy of a retreat.

Contact Catherine if you have any questions

No Distance Is too Far

“I’ve visited Vietnam many times and it’s truly close to my heart. As we co-create your Conscious Self-Care, I’d love to share the Vietnam I love, and to introduce you to another side of this dynamic country and it’s warm-hearted people.”

WE Got You Covered

Meals included

All meals contain a range of dishes and can be varied to suit tastes and any dietary restrictions. You will be able to provide details of these on your intake form.

Hotels & tours

We stay in four star hotels and resorts and will participate in fabulous tours.
Rooms are private with ensuite. Limited shared rooms are available at reduced cost.

Epic journeys

Being on retreat is a wonderful opportunity to experience things you may never try on your own and to discover new aspects of yourself. But all activities are optional. If you don’t want to take part you don’t have to.

indochine queen retreat

Saturday 2nd November – Sunday 10th November 2019