Unlock Your Soul Empowerment Gateways

An adventure of discovery and empowerment



Transformational journey to manifest your life of purpose



An experience like no other



Find wellness on all levels





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Are you a Spiritual woman seeking empowerment understanding, wisdom and mastery?

Are you travelling through the challenging transitions of midlife?

Would you love to shift the limitations holding you back from manifesting your deepest heart desires?

Do you love taking time to explore and appreciate deeper levels of understanding?

Are you ready to take control, call back your power and find wellness through wholeness on all levels?

Join Me

For A Women’s

Soul Empowered Wellness Retreat

In Thailand’s Healing Heart


Does this sound familiar?



  • You feel stuck in patterns of powerlessness, procrastination or fear
  • You second-guess yourself, uncertain if it’s your inner wisdom guiding you or not
  • You’re not sure what really works to keep you healthy and whole
  • You are a busy woman and don’t have time for fluff – you want clarity to get straight to the juicy heart
  • You’d love to delve deeper into spiritual wholeness but you hesitate, not sure what’s gold and what’s just fluff or how to make it work for you
  • You’re ready to be inspired, uplifted and energised
  • You understand your health is dependent on your relationship with your highest self
  • You’re not feeling 100{2672f145973819cb35d3bc03b9c938827cfc04c69a401f7aefae992a31f8ed6e} confident about manifesting wellness through midlife so you can live your life with zest, on all levels
  • You’d love time-out, off-grid (mostly) to explore how to manifest a life of purpose

This fabulous 6 day retreat will awaken you

to deeper awareness and connection with your inner wisdom

to create wholeness of body, mind, emotions and spirit


Integrate Wholeness to create Soul Empowered Wellness for midlife


In a private, serene, riverside hideaway overlooking the lush tropical mountains of Northern Thailand

unlock the gateways of limitation to re-engage with your true self and reclaim your authentic power


Tap the courage, resourcefulness, insight, and energy of your Divine Feminine Warrior

to manifest your deepest desires for your life and wellness

Some Of Our Exciting Highlights


1:1 sessions to define your passionate desires and purpose

❤ Deep non-judgemental group sessions to break apart limitation and invite new direction

❤ Creative workshops

❤ Ceremony and ritual to anchor insights

❤ Introduction to the ancient martial art Chi Kung

❤ Learn to cook like a Thai masterchef in a private cooking class

❤ Healing meditation beside a waterfall

❤ Swim in the crystal clear mountain stream

❤ Flight Recovery Massage on arrival

❤ Spa session – your choice of various massage, reflexology, scrub, steam, facial

❤ Delicious healthy food filled with zingy Thai flavour (our personal chef)

❤ Eat in the home of a Hill Tribe family

❤ Shopping in the night market

❤ Everything is included on landing*

❤ Plus more special surprises…

  • excludes tips, gratuities; personal shopping; food beverages and activities not listed on itinerary; travel/medical insurance

  wise woman awaken retreat

Join Us To Reclaim Authentic Power!

It’s Happening  

18th August - 23rd August  2018

You Will:


Redefine your boundaries and acknowledge your worth
Release limiting thoughts and habits
• Release what no longer serves you
• Redefine your boundaries
• Acknowledge your value
Gain clarity
• Meet like-minded friends
• Discover how the Thai’s do wellness
• Balance your Four Pillars Of Harmony and wellness
• Reframe your daily wellness habits
• Embody new practices for wellness through wholeness
• Rejoice in new friendships with like-minded women
• Return feeling uplifted, energised and inspired 

•Your Benefits…


• Strength and courage by reclaiming your power
• Clarity and a clear sense of purpose  
Freedom and lightness from letting go of fear
• Lightness after releasing excess baggage
• A deeper understanding of how wellness is entwined in wholeness and balance
• Inspiration to discover more
Certainty about your decisions and the power to say ‘NO’
New appreciation of your worth and a commitment to self-care
• Deeper connection with your Highest Self and Divine Wisdom

• Sense of calm
Feel inspired, uplifted and energised
• Vibrant energy
• A fresh perspective
Awakened curiosity
New and valued friendships
Time away from the everyday to delve deep
• Appreciation for a different culture
Practical guidance to stay on track

—————— LOCATION ——————

Chiang Mai

—————— DATES ——————

Saturday 18th August – Thursday 23rd August 2018

—————— FEE ——————


Price $4297 AUD

limited offer for 7 lucky midlife women


**A deposit of $400 will lock in your place and we can set a payment plan to suit you.
All payments must be completed by July 22nd 2018**

Read our Payment & Cancellation Policy before clicking RESERVE.

Catherine Bullard

Catherine Bullard

Natural Health Practitioner, Women's Soul Empowerment Coach and Wholistic Wellness Ninja

Wouldn’t it feel incredible to know you were taking real steps to break apart those limitations that rise up and shut you down whenever inspiration surfaces?  Do you long for clarity about how to get to the place your heart yearns for? Wouldn’t you love to raise your wellness on all levels so you can completely embrace life with zest and passion?  Imagine re-invigorating your engagement with your highest self for soul-empowered wellness. 

If you’re ready to authentically power up then Catherine Bullard, Natural Health Practitioner, Women’s Mystical Coach and Wholistic Wellness Educator can guide you through midlife to access your higher wisdom, clarity and courage. She will guide you as you take back control and manifest the life of passion and purpose your heart longs for.

Using a multi-faceted approach to stimulate self-healing on all levels she’ll catalyse your shift to better health, deeper relationships, greater prosperity, career advancement and refined spiritual engagement.

Over many years in private practice Catherine has seen results in increased energy, reduced pain, less anxiety, better sleep, greater focus, more confidence and heightened awareness that allows her clients to live more fully and authentically.

Step forward on your Divine Heroine’s Journey with Catherine at the Wise Woman Awaken Retreat in Chiang Mai. 

What People Say About Working With Catherine

Catherine is a legend. She has for many years, sourced, organised and successfully managed numerous events of which I have been a part of. She is professional, diligent and creative in the duties that are required and she manages to include fun in the process. Catherine has been responsible for ensuring that the events that we joined were affordable for the value received, transport was prompt and efficient and she made sure that all clients were well fed, happy and very tired at the end of the day! I have incredible faith in Catherine’s abilities to organise events, ensure that clients get great value for money and most importantly, leave with a great sense of satisfaction. I highly recommend her organisational skills and pleasant attitude.  

Carole Rushbrook

Catherine is a real renaissance woman. Not only is she a talented homeopath and intuitive healer, but also a fantastic coach. She has a real gift for seeing the whole picture and then helping you to piece everything together enabling you to make dramatic changes with just a few simple and easy shifts in perspective.

Cyndi Bates

Catherine provides practical, usable and ‘no bullshit’ techniques that I have found of huge benefit in dealing with issues.  This grounded, no fluff approach works.  She cuts through any excuses I may have used to mask the real issue and reaches the core issues quickly and efficiently.  It has been a very useful and rewarding experience.  Thanks Catherine.

Cyndi Bates

wise woman awaken retreat

—————— LOCATION ——————

Chiang Mai

—————— DATES ——————

Saturday 18th August – Thursday 23rd August 2018

—————— FEE ——————


Price $4,297 AUD

limited offer for 7 lucky midlife women


**A deposit of $400 will lock in your place and we can set a payment plan to suit you.
All payments must be completed by July 22nd 2018**

Read our Payment & Cancellation Policy before clicking RESERVE.